My 5 Favorite Things About Writing

As I warned you in my very first blog post, I have passion projects. I get all wrapped up in one thing and then a couple of weeks or months later, it’s going to be something else. My blog has been my passion project for the past few months now and although I’ve been loving it, I started to get stuck in a rut. Right now I am working on my new fantasy book and I love it so much. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I want to do with my life and I feel so incredibly grateful that I get to write full-time this next half year. So, today I am going to talk to you about writing and why I love it so much.

Thinking outside the niche

It’s funny how for a while I felt like I couldn’t keep writing about writing on here. I thought that you must be fed up with me talking about writing all the time by now. But then I remembered why I started this blog in the first place: I wanted a place where I could share all my passions with you! The moment I remembered this and knew it was okay for me to write about what I truly love and want to write about right now, I felt so relieved.

Blogging – or anything else for that matter – can become somewhat of a stress factor after a while. You might feel you’re running out of things to talk about or just can’t really find the motivation to work on another post. Yes, it happens. Nothing is always fun to do and no matter how much you like what you do, there are going to be days – or even weeks – that you just don’t want to work on it.

And you know what… That is absolutely 100% fine!

So, this is me, doing what I love again. Writing about things that I can talk about for hours and I really want you to know about. With this post, I am essentially “taking back my blog” and do with it what I want. Of course, I still hope it will be useful to you in some way. I hope that I can inspire you to start writing too because I ALWAYS need more writing buddies I can talk to! 😉

Here are my favorite things about writing and why you should pick up a pen right now:

    1. Much like reading, writing allows you to escape this world for a while

      A lot of people read because they get to forget about everything going on in their lives and become someone else for a moment. It’s a way of escaping our daily lives. Writing does this same thing for me, but better. Why better? Because I am a huge control freak and when I write I hold all the cards. So I still get to go to this other world where I only have to “worry” about the characters, but I still get to decide what’s going to happen next. Perfect!


    2. I LOVE telling stories

      For as long as I can remember, my imagination has been pretty wild. I would always make up stories and fantasize about other worlds. Most of the time I would come up with a story and make all my friends play it with me. I’d assign everyone a character and we would actually live – okay, well role-play – these stories I had come up with. I still love to do this, but now I just write them down (as I can’t seem to convince my now grown-up friends to play with me). I’m hoping that one day a kid will read my stories and want to play them out with their friends. 😉

    3. I get to read a lot and call it research

      Right now I am taking a full-time writing course and my book has to be done by summer. Not only do I get to write every day, I also get to read a lot because I have to do my research. I can seriously not think of any course that would be better for me than this one. Not one. I wish I could just take this course twice every year from now on. That would be awesome…

      By the way, this also means I am always looking for new book recommendations. I prefer reading fantasy, young adult, and science-fiction but I’m open to anything. So leave your book recs below!


    4. I get to work from home

      Or from my bed, to be more specific. Because I can write wherever I want, whenever I want. Sometimes I will get dressed and sit at my desk and sometimes I will just write from my bed in my pajamas. And technically I could go sit on a beach somewhere with a cocktail and write, that’s the next level I have yet to unlock. No, seriously, this is a huge plus for me. I love being able – and free – to decide when and where I write/work. I consider it a huge luxury.

    5. I can be 100% me

      Last, but certainly not least: I can be completely myself when I write. It’s my idea, my words, my characters, my brainchild. I get to make the decisions. I am in control of whatever happens in the story. This might sound a little crazy, but it’s definitely something that I love about writing. I consider my writing to be very personal. When I write something, I believe in it. I want it to be written. That also makes me the absolute worst at “killing my darlings” and getting rid of some text for the sake of the story. However, sometimes that’s just necessary too. I find comfort in the fact that it’s always my call to make if something stays or something goes. My stories are a (big) part of me and I love how I feel close to my true self when I write.


To wrap this post up and make my point; I love writing this blog, I love sharing things with you and connecting through these posts and on social media. But as I mentioned, I felt like I was drifting away from what I actually wanted to do with this blog and I’m going to change it back. I hope you will still enjoy this type of content. It’s going to be a little more personal and maybe a little bit more about me and my personal passion projects. I also want it to be a platform where other people can share a bit about their passions too. So if you think you have something awesome to share about your passion, feel free to contact me!

Let me know what you think! 🙂

With much love,