Battle the Boredom | 20 Things to Do When You Have a Concussion

About one and a half week ago I hit my head. Pretty hard. I started to get nauseous, got a really bad headache and felt really dizzy. After seeing my GP, it was clear I had a concussion and it might take a while before my symptoms would go away. What he told me, was my own personal definition of hell: rest a lot and avoid screens as much as possible.

But how? I’m a blogger! I basically live on social media and my laptop and I are in a loving relationship. My phone and I couldn’t bear to be apart… So, I went on a quest to find things to do while recovering from this concussion to keep me busy and entertained. If you have a concussion and are looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. I hope one of these activities will help you battle the boredom!


Yes, I am behind a screen right now (yes, it hurts) and I shouldn’t be, but after a week and a half, I just have to share SOMETHING with you guys. I promise I am taking good care of myself and my health, but I figured I could make a short exception to help people going through the same right now. I’m definitely not doing this for myself and my sanity. Definitely not… 😉

Things to Do With a Concussion

All forms of stimuli, especially light, sound or physical activity can be extremely painful with a concussion. Lucky for me, the sound part is not as bad as the light/physical activity part (I wasn’t really a fan of working out anyway). Which means I am able to listen to audiobooks. Now, I realize not everyone can handle sound well when dealing with a concussion, so I’ll have plenty of options for everyone. You won’t leave this blog with nothing to do. I promise.

  1. Listen to audiobooks
  2. Cooking/baking. I mean, at least you’ll have good food and your house will smell amazing
  3. Writing (in a notebook, not on your laptop or tablet). Anything from journalling to writing a book
  4. Clean. This might not be your favorite, but I actually really enjoy cleaning now.
  5. Declutter
  6. Play board games
  7. Have a (non-alcoholic) drink with friends or family
  8. Listen to podcasts
  9. Take a walk. In nature for extra calmness and if you have any, bring your pets along.
  10. Take a bath. Light a candle. Combine with listening to audiobook/podcast.
  11. Read. If a book is too much to ask (it is for me), grab a magazine.
  12. Arts and crafts. Make jewelry, cards, a scrapbook, anything you like.
  13. Sewing/knitting. This is actually so much fun. It will make you feel productive too!
  14. Gardening. If the weather allows.
  15. Meditate
  16. Puzzles
  17. Listen to (soft) music
  18. Create a bucket list
  19. Make a vision board from magazines
  20. Draw/color

I hope you find something to do and I wish you a speedy recovery.

With much love,