How To Embrace Hygge This Winter

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Hygge is the Danish art of celebrating the everyday and creating well-being, connection and warmth and a feeling of belonging. For me, inviting hygge into my life has been a great way to take care of myself this winter and fight the winter depressions. Do you need more coziness in your life? This is how to do it!

Winter Wonder

Firstly, let me tell you hygge is pronounced as hoo-gah. That was a real struggle for me, so you’re welcome. It comes down to enjoying the simple pleasures in life, which is something I did not do enough. When I first came across the concept of hygge, I was intrigued. I thought, maybe this is it, maybe this can help me actually enjoy the winters.

Before hygge, I would be the kind of person that would rather hibernate than actually live through the winter. I usually get down when the leaves start to fall. I really need the daylight.

Hi hygge, nice to meet you

So, in comes hygge. I think I was scrolling on Pinterest as I often do, when I stumbled upon a pin about hygge. Cozy pictures of warm, beautiful socks, books, fires, pretty lights, cups of coffee and tea, walks in nature and A LOT of candles. It looked so cozy. I immediately felt inspired to do more of this.

I am somewhat addicted to my phone. If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed I only log off when I sleep. I was in desperate need of a little more quality time with me, myself and I, but I just didn’t want to hear it. Connecting with people on Twitter and Instagram is just too much fun.

Disconnect and reconnect

At first, I found it pretty hard to not have my phone on me. I am usually the kind of person that will respond to your message right away. I suffer from FOMO big time. That’s exactly why it was so good for me to occasionally turn off my phone and read a book. I absolutely love reading, but I hardly make time for it anymore.

Now I light a few candles, turn on the lights of my christmas tree and start reading or my boyfriend and I play a good old-fashioned board game. It makes me feel incredibly connected to the now and I always go to bed feeling fulfilled after a night like that.

The book

It didn’t take long before I picked up The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking to read more about hygge itself. This might be the most gorgeous book I’ve ever laid eyes on. The cover is so pretty!

If you also suffer from winter depressions or just want your life to be more cozy, I suggest you pick up a copy of this book for yourself (or for a loved one).

How to implement hygge this winter

It’s fairly easy; get yourself some lovely candles, put on your favorite sweats and some really warm socks, light a fire or put the christmas lights on, snuggle up under a blanket on the couch and watch your favorite movie, read a captivating book or just talk with a loved one. I promise you the world doesn’t end when you don’t check your phone for a night. I tried, nothing happened.

You can also take long walks and just be alone with your thoughts for a while. When I do this, I usually have new inspiration for my stories or I figure things out that have been keeping me busy for a while. It creates the right headspace for me. Moreover, walks are really good for you. They are known to reduce stress and I think we could all use that.


I also found hygge to be a great way to strengthen relationships. How often do you really spend time with people and are fully there, in the here and now? Host a dinner with friends, play a game with your family or talk all night with your significant other. It can be important to really connect with them and build lasting relationships. We sometimes take the wonderful people in our life for granted. Hygge has helped me become more aware and increased my appreciation for the moments I have with loved ones.


I’ve heard quite a lot of people aren’t looking forward to Christmas all that much. They feel a lot of pressure and that’s okay. Remember to take care of yourself first. Take some “me” time whenever you feel you need it. Take a walk by yourself, offer to do the dishes so you can have some space or cuddle up by the fire and just read something. It’s okay to need that. The holidays can get overwhelming. You don’t owe anybody anything.

Just enjoy yourself and don’t stress out. It’s just a day like any other. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Enjoy spending time with loved ones and take a break from them whenever it’s needed. It’s all okay.

Happy Winter

If winter usually gets you down too, I hope this post inspired you to try and make the best of it. Hygge did that for me. I’m feeling a lot better than I normally would this time of year. I hope you all have lovely holidays and that you will have a very cozy winter. See you Thursday!

With much love,