Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge + HUGE Book Haul

This Autumn I am re-watching one of my all-time favorite series: Gilmore Girls. To me, it’s just the perfect, cozy series to watch when it starts to get cold outside. Cuddled up under a blanket with a cup of coffee (Lorelai would approve). Rory is a huge bookworm and I felt inspired by her literary lifestyle. I decided to attempt to read all the books she was reading during the series. Turns out there’s 339 of them…

Gilmore Girls?

If you don’t know Gilmore Girls: it’s about a young mother (Lorelai) and her teenage daughter (Rory) who live in the small village of Stars Hollow. Rory is preparing to go to an Ivy League university and her mother dreams of starting her own inn after years of managing one. All the characters in the series will walk right into your heart and it’s the ultimate feel-good show. So, if you’re looking for a new binge-worthy series, I suggest you go watch this one!

Reading List

On Rory’s reading list are many classics. A lot of books that you “should have to” read at least once in your lifetime, or so GoodReads seems to think. And after taking a closer look on the list, I think I agree. There’s a lot of books on there that were on my to-be-read list anyway and a lot of new titles I am curious to discover. Fortunately, I already had a couple of titles on the list, so I could start right away with 1984 by George Orwell.

Action Plan

I found the list of all 339 books referenced throughout the series on BuzzFeed and Mark kindly made an Excel sheet for me, alphabetizing the list on the authors’ surnames so I could find them more easily in bookshops.

I also made a list in my bullet journal, where I can see which of the books I already own and which I have already read and which I am yet to read.

The only thing left to do is simply start reading. I’m aiming for reading at least thirty minutes per day. Preferably an hour.

Book Haul

Last weekend, Mark and I went to the lovely little secondhand bookshop here in Tilburg (where we live) and searched for books on the list. And, I admit, some that aren’t on there… We ended up taking home more than thirty books! Now, that’s what I call a successful book haul!

Here’s most of it:

During our search I stumbled across the problem of the titles being alphabetized and not the authors’ surnames, so the search was a bit of a challenge.

If you want to do this challenge too, here’s the list in Excel. Trust me, it will help a lot!

Gilmore Girls Reading List


I can’t wait to read more and collect more books. I would love to have my own library one day. For now, my bookcases and bookledge will do. 🙂

If you’d like to stay updated on my progress, befriend me on GoodReads.

Are you going to do the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge?


With much love,