How to Deal with Social Media/Blogging Overwhelm

Everyone who spends a lot of time online probably deals with this at some level: feeling overwhelmed by social media. As a blogger, I’ve experienced this to be ten times worse. I feel a constant pressure to be everywhere, reply to every comment and always be my best. If you feel this too, here are the different things I try to deal with it. Hopefully, these tips will help us both to deal with this pressure!

Why feel overwhelmed?

Social media has become a place where we try to create this great – maybe even perfect – image for ourselves. We post the best selfies, go to hotspots to get a good pic for the gram and buy in-trend products to make sure we don’t miss out on engagement. It’s become a place of filters, photoshop, and unrealistic expectations.

As a blogger, I’ve often felt this pressure even more. We get told brands don’t want to work with smaller bloggers or if you don’t have X followers on Instagram. You need to grow your audience asap and there’s a ton of different platforms where you should be active to engage with your followers and get them to read/watch your content.


Personally, the platform I struggle most with is Instagram. Gorgeous feeds with themes you need to stick to, perfectly edited pictures of stunning people in beautiful clothes in wonderful, exotic places. Every time I open the app it’s a mix of envy and disappointment in my not-so-glamorous life and a pressure to do better in order to grow my audience.

However, the worst part is that not only do you have to compete with these “perfect” people, there’s also a crappy algorithm that doesn’t show your content to all of your followers and a lot of people playing the follow-unfollow game, desperate to grow their numbers. So overnight you will probably lose the followers you gained the day before.

Yet, we still keep putting in the effort, because we “need” it as bloggers.


If you run a blog that you’d like to turn into a business or is your business, there are certain things you just “have” to do. At least, that’s what we’re told. You need to write a new post every week, shoot beautiful pictures for it that you need to edit and then promote it throughout all your social media. This can sometimes get overwhelming too.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging, but every blogger I know has apologized at least once for being MIA. We feel guilty for not always living up to these standards. We feel we have to do all these things or we’re never going to be successful. And in the chaos of it all, we sometimes forget why we started blogging in the first place. It was supposed to be fun, right?

So, enough whining haha!

Because it IS fun. We just have to accept that not everything works for everyone. Let’s start doing more of the things we enjoy about blogging and less of the things we hate. You don’t need to be everywhere… You just need to be in a few places very well.

If you get fed up with the pressure too, here are a few tips:

  1. Take a break

    Pretty obvious, but effective. Whenever you stop having fun being on social media or writing for your blog. I took a month off in April and I needed it badly. I didn’t enjoy blogging anymore and felt like I needed to do so many things a day. With still going to school full-time, I was completely stressed out. I decided to take a whole month off and just do the things that I enjoyed (like Twitter). After that month, my blog hadn’t really suffered from me taking a break and I was so motivated and excited to get started again. I actually missed blogging a lot!

  2. Be active on the platforms you actually like

    Do you like talking to people a lot? Go with Twitter. Do you love photography and sharing pretty pictures with the world? Instagram. Or do you love Pinterest or Facebook? Go for it! But if you don’t like one or the other, just skip it. You don’t need to be active on all these platforms to be successful, no matter how many posts you read saying you do. If you really enjoy doing something, it will show. A big following on one of these platforms is better than small, scattered followings across them. So if you feel you don’t want to be everywhere and run all these different accounts, just pick the ones you actually enjoy and do it well.

  3. Automate

    If you don’t have a lot of time during the day to engage with people on social media, there are several automation options. You can schedule your tweets, pins and Facebook posts and plan your feed for Instagram. This way it will take you a little more time to prepare, but you during the week, you don’t have to do a lot (or even anything) anymore. However, I do recommend replying to comments and engaging with your audience in person when you can.

  4. Check and answer your emails at set times

    I check my emails at set times so I don’t feel the pressure to answer every message right away. I always feel guilty for not answering my emails quickly, but it gives me so much peace to check and answer them at set times. I don’t have to stress about them as much anymore. Once you decide you don’t have to do anything straight away, it can give you a lot of space.

  5. Take care of yourself first

    Your (mental) health is ALWAYS more important. So if you feel stressed out and tired, don’t force yourself to do a certain task. Sometimes it’s better to rest and start fresh at another time than half-assing things. Take all the time you need and do it unapologetically.

So, next time you take a break, I would love it if you came back without apologizing for it. Instead of saying ‘sorry, I’ve been MIA’ let’s start saying ‘I took a break, #sorrynotsorry’. 😉

With much love,