How to Read When You Don’t Have Time

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No time for reading? I feel you! As you might have guessed from reading my blog, I am almost always busy. Reading is very important to me and I absolutely love it, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day. About a year ago I found the solution for that:

What is Blinkist?

Blinkist is my lifesaver. I love reading personal development books and business related books and Blinkist has a huge library of nonfiction books. All the big names are in there. In the past year of my subscription I have read over 120 books!


Well, Blinkist provides summaries of those books. It’s basically the key message from the book in a shorter version. Most Blinkist books are 8-12 Blinks long and each Blink is around 2-3 minutes long. That means it takes just 16 to 30 minutes to read (or listen to) a book and you get all the key messages and highlights from the book. This way, you get maximum value for your time! No longer do you need to read endless examples and passages to get to the point. As much as I love reading a full book, sometimes you really just need to know the essentials. I don’t feel less inspired by a book because it’s shorter, I actually sometimes get even more inspired and motivated, because I can get started with a new method right away instead of having to finish the book first.

What books can I expect?

There are almost 2000 books in the Blinkist library. As I said, in the past year I’ve read quite a few last years. Some of my favorites were: You Are a Badass, the 4-Hour Workweek, How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Miracle Morning.

There are a lot of different categories like Personal Growth and Self-Improvement and Money and Investments, but also things like Mindfulness and Happiness, Management and Leadership, Politics, Economics, Technology and Future, Health and Fitness, Marketing and Sales, Psychology, Productivity and Time Management and Motivation and Inspiration (plus a few more).

If you’d like some more specific titles, check out my personal development reading list for 2018.

Why should I get it too?

Even though I am always busy, I still managed to read over 120 books this year and I absolutely love it. This is genuinely the best investment I made in myself these past years. I read so many inspirational and entrepreneurial books that I now have my own business and I continue to find inspiration in the books I read to grow personally and as an entrepreneur. I couldn’t do without Blinkist anymore and I want you to be this inspired too!

Blinkist also helps when you’re looking for your passions as you can read about so many different, interesting topics without the commitment of buying and reading a whole book. Browsing and exploring is half the fun of actually reading a book (at least I think so).


Blinkist offers two forms of subscriptions, one where you can only read the books and one where you can also listen to them! I have the premium subscription, because I wanted to be able to listen to the books too.

Blinkist Plus is $49.99 per year and Blinkist Premium is $79.99 per year. This may seem like a big investment, but you’re essentially buying 2000 condensed eBooks. I normally would have bought at least twice that amount in actual books, so it also saved me a lot of money. It was 100% worth it to me and I will definitely renew my subscription next year.

You don’t have to commit just yet, just try it out for free first and see if you love it as much as I do. You can start your free trial here!

If you’d like to read more about Blinkist, I recommend you read this in-depth guide* by Satori Studio. They cover everything you need to know before deciding whether or not you’d like to subscribe. They list all the pros and cons of using Blinkist and also compare the service to its biggest competitors. It’s worth giving a read if you can’t decide.

I hope you’ll love Blinkist as much as I do and may you be inspired by all the amazing books!

With much love,


* this link was sponsored by Satori Studio.