So, I got engaged last week! My amazing boyfriend, Mark, asked me to marry him and I – of course – said yes. Since this wedding is going to be a HUGE passion project of mine and I decided recently to add a lifestyle section to this blog, I wanted to cover the wedding planning on my blog. I am really excited to start planning our day!

The ring

First things first, my absolutely gorgeous ring was designed by the talented Damian Smith. He designed it for us according to our wishes, but not without his personal touch and style. Damian is able to truly grasp someone’s personality in his designs and couldn’t be happier with it. He made us a ring that was better than I could have ever dreamed of. I feel so lucky I get to wear it for the rest of my life. I can’t stop looking at it! 😉 Thank you, Damian, for this very special ring.


Getting engaged

We already knew we were getting married before Mark actually asked me. As we are pretty impulsive people, we kind of just decided that was what we wanted to do. The fact that we already started looking and planning gave us the amazing possibility to design our own ring with Damian. However, Mark did manage to still make it a surprise when he asked me, even though I knew my ring was on its way.

He told me he had written a short story and that he would like some notes from me, so of course, I said yes and I read his story. Even though I knew he still wanted to actually propose, I didn’t suspect a thing. When I read the ending to his incredibly sweet story, I looked up and he was on one knee holding the ring. It was the best proposal ever if you ask me. 😉

Summer wedding Venue

We’re planning to have a wedding in July 2019. We prefer a location that has the option to do parts of our wedding inside and parts of it outside. If the sun is shining, we will spend most of the day outside, if it’s raining, it still has to be cozy inside.

Our initial plans were to get married in the forest where my grandparents live. It’s a beautiful place that I (and we) have lovely memories of. We always love spending time there and thought it would make a great venue. However, we soon found out it wasn’t an option because if it would rain, we had no option of taking shelter. There was no way we could get all of the guests a dry place. So, we are just going to visit some cute places and pick later!

The budget

We are getting married because we want to spend the rest of our lives together and celebrate the love we found with the people we love. Even though I’ll admit I’ve “always” dreamed of some kind of fairytale wedding, I’m not looking for a decadent party that will bankrupt us… Oh no! Looking at everything we need to get and think of when getting married, we’ve come to the conclusion that getting married is pretty expensive. We’re going to set a budget and stick to it the best we can to keep things under control.

Since we aren’t planning on breaking the bank, but rather just hosting a fun party, we’re going to set priorities and decide what we’re going to splurge and save on. We’re convinced we can make our day magical without spending all of our savings…

The dress

Okay, as I said, I am one of the girls that dreamed of their wedding day. I’ve had a Pinterest board with inspiration posts for a long time. Probably 80% of that board consists of beautiful dresses… I already know I am going to have a pretty hard time deciding on one since I love so many different styles, but I’m just going shopping and I’ll figure out what suits me best along the way. I’m really excited to start looking for one. I already scheduled my first appointment for next month haha!

(By the way, I am always looking for inspiration, so if any of you married ladies wanted to share a picture of you in your dress, please feel free! I’d love to see what you looked like on your day!)

Am I keeping my name?

I am not. However, this took me so long to decide… On the one hand, I love my name and it’s part of me and my identity. It’s the name of my family and changing my name feels a little like I’m saying goodbye to a piece of myself. However, on the other hand, I am starting a new chapter of my life and build a new family of our own. The biggest reason I had for deciding to change my name, is that I want us to all have the same name if we ever want to start a family.

So, after we get married my name will be Maud Feijt. (Good luck pronouncing it if you’re not from the Netherlands). 😉

The man

Oops, not entirely unimportant… Who is this Mark guy I’m engaged to? Well, this fine man is now my fiancé. I am truly the luckiest girl on the planet to get to marry this wonderful guy. I am really looking forward to building my future with him!


With much love,