Reasons to Adopt a Cat – Meet Our New Kitten!

Last week, Mark and I adopted a little kitten. She’s just eight weeks old and we called her Pippa. We fell in love with her instantly and she’s the best roommate. She’s very cuddly and super cute. It didn’t take me too long to convince Mark we needed Pippa in our lives, so here are my arguments in case you or your significant other need a little convincing you need to adopt a cat.

Cats are cute

They make the cutest sounds. Their purrs are just the most satisfying sound ever. And have you seen their little paws?

Okay, but that was the obvious one, of course. If that alone is not enough to convince you, read on.

Cats are independent

They’re perfectly capable of entertaining themselves. Of course, all pets do require some attention. Especially when you adopt a kitten, you need to spend (a lot of) time with them. In the first weeks, you can’t leave them alone for too long. However, a grown cat can stay home alone for a while. Which makes a┬ácat the perfect pet for workaholics and people who like to go out.

And even though it is an option to walk your cat, you don’t have to! No late night walks through darkness and rain, but cuddling on the couch, snuggled up under a blanket!

Cats love to cuddle

Of course, not every cat, especially when you choose to adopt from a shelter, loves to cuddle (right away). Some need a little time. However, most cats love to cuddle and take naps in your lap. They’re also a perfect replacement for your hot water bottle in the winter.

Cats are good for your health

Yes, that’s right. Cats are great for your health. Their purrs help lower your stress, lower your blood pressure, decrease your risk of a heart attack (cat owners have 40% less chance to get a heart attack) and help heal your muscles, infections, and bones. Isn’t that amazing?!


Goodbye mice AND BUGS!

Do you ever have mice in your home? I know a lot of people who do. Including ourselves. We live in a renovated old school building and we get the occasional mouse in our house. Well, not anymore. Cats are great hunters. They also go after bugs, which is a huge plus too.

You save a life

By adopting a cat or kitten from a shelter, you help save a life. There are millions of pets being taken in by shelters and almost half of them will at some point be euthanized. Adopting a cat from there will help the shelter to care for more animals. It’s a great thing to do. These cats deserve a good home and your love.

Cats are just great companions

Cats make wonderful friends. It feels really great to have a living, breathing animal want to be that close to you at all times. It’s true love. You’ll never feel alone again. No matter what people say, cats show a lot of love for you. Also, they’re more than happy to just sit on the couch and cuddle with you all day.

Cat movie marathon anyone?

Are you interested in getting a cat? If so, are you thinking about adopting an older cat or a kitten?

With much love,