Running My First 5k & Getting Back In Shape

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Life happens and sometimes I have different priorities. A lot has happened since the new year. Mark and I are getting married in July, so one of my ‘different priorities’ is getting back into shape after gaining 12 kg the past 1,5 years…

New Year’s Resolution

When I start working more, I pay less attention to the rest of my lifestyle. Then things like this happen. Not good! I want to look and feel my best on our wedding day. So, that’s why I want to get back into shape. It’s been a new year’s resolution and I’ve been sticking to it pretty well. I’m already down 5kg since January first and I’m really happy with that.

Working out

To do that, I’ve been eating healthy and working out 3-5 times a week. And the craziest thing happened: I actually started to love it. I never liked working out AT ALL, but I’ve really enjoyed it over the past two months. I’m currently going to the gym a few times a week where I’m trying lots of different new things like group classes like Aerobics, yoga, and Shape and I’ve started using weights. I even started running. Something I never ever thought I’d enjoy.


What I love the most about running is how easy it is to get started. You literally just put on your shoes and go outside for a run. Mark also enjoys running, so we run together. He was very patient with me, especially in the beginning when I ran a lot slower than him haha. After just three runs I ran 5k for the first time ever. Even though I was huffing and puffing and my face took two days to return to its normal color, I was really proud of that. It had been a long time goal of mine to run 5 kilometers and now I’d finally done it. It took me 37 minutes the first time.

Running a race

That’s when I decided I wanted to run a race. Something to train for and look forward to. It was my goal to run it under 30 minutes. So we planned a 5k race. We decided on the Kruikenloop here in Tilburg, which is a Carnaval run where you could choose to come in costume. Of course, we did that. My sister and her boyfriend also joined us at the race, which was awesome!


I am so happy we chose this for my first race because it was so much fun. It wasn’t too big. Around 900 participants, most of them dressed up in funny and colorful costumes. It was quite a sight! I ended up running it in 29:31 minutes, so I hit my goal.

Next up: 10k

It was so much fun and we had a great time. I’m definitely going to keep running. My next goal is to run a 10k race and we’re going to start training for that. I’d love to run it under an hour and we’d love to combine it with a trip to somewhere on our travel bucket list. Right now, we’re thinking the Loch Ness Marathon.

Eating well

Exercise is important, but a healthy diet is equally if not more important if you’re trying to lose some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I started eating more veggies, fruit, legumesĀ and whole wheat grains and less fast food, white carbs and treats. I have a lot more energy and I’m overall just feeling a lot better when I’m taking good care of my body.

Making time

I am generally a pretty busy person. I like to do stuff. However, I’ve noticed it’s so important to make time for eating healthy and working out because I’m feeling a lot better. I have a lot more energy to get things done and am actually more productive now.

Do you have any fitness goals in 2019? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments!

With much love,