Starting My Youtube Channel + First Vlog

Hi there! Last Saturday I uploaded my very first vlog to Youtube!

It was awesome and exciting, but also nervewrecking! I am totally used to oversharing details about my life online by now (haha), but telling them to a camera and uploading the footage for the world to see is a whole new level!

What can you expect?

In this very first video I take you through my week (spoiler: I am preparing for my first ever book market for my book Waker (Watcher in English) and talking about insecurities and feeling the need to come across as perfect). As I said, it was kind of confronting to talk to a camera and see and hear yourself when editing the video. However, Youtube is awesome and it feels so personal. Like I am actually talking to you guys. I really loved it!

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Thank you!

With much love,


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